Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It All Comes Out in the Washi Tape

My Mom likes to say "Everything comes out in the wash." 
Most stains and spills do come clean when soaked and washed. However, we all know that she really means don't sweat the small stuff.  When something [minor] happens that you don't think is fair, this is a good reminder that things usually turn out well in the end. 
I used this idiom as inspiration for my Washi-embellished altered candy tube.  This project is both practical and pretty.   It's a perfect gift for the college student who, upon occasion or necessity, does his or her laundry.  [Oh, daughter, dear--hope you're reading this!]
This is what you need:  m&m's candy tube, assorted Washi tape, adhesive remover, twine, circle punch, paint chips or cardstock, Mod Podge & brush, stamp and ink pad.  And, a roll of quarters.
First, remove wrapper and clean leftover adhesive.
Next, cover the tube with your favorite Washi tape!
Punch a circle from paint chip or cardstock and adhere to tube lid.

Brush on one coat of Mod Podge. Let dry.

Stamp image on lid. Add twine, attaching it under hinge. 
Print out "It all comes out in the wash!" onto cardstock,
and adhere to tag.  Trim tage with Washi tape.  Tie to twine.
Place a dozen detergent tabs into a cellophane bag.
Cover quarter roll with Washi tape and twine.
Optional:  If, by chance you eat all the candy yourself [don't judge me],
then replace the candy with the quarters. 

And that's it! I'm sure there are many ways to alter this candy tube. In fact, I'm heading over to Pinterest now to pin a few. Want to join me?
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  1. Doreen! This is genius. I just shipped College Boy some Valentine's treats but am pinning this idea for future use because it's brilliant!

  2. This is so cute! Washi tape is amazing...there are so many uses for it. You have so many creative ideas! I would love you have you share this at my link party today. Hope to see you there!

  3. too cute!! now I have a reason to buy those mini-mm tubes!!

  4. Super cute! I love this idea and wish someone had made one for me (back in the day) when I was in college! :)

  5. I love this project! So easy, cute, fun and inexpensive! Just my kind of project! Nice job!

  6. Great idea! Thank you for linking it up to our Sweets For My Sweetie link-up!

  7. Stopping by from bloom. Too cute!

  8. I am liking Washi tape projects. Going to have to buy some Washi tape!

  9. This project is very clever, creative, and thoughtful. :)

  10. That's cute and really thoughtful someone (like your daughter) will love it :)

  11. Darling! Love it so much. I bought my granddaughter some tape at Justice and I think it's the same kind of tape. I think we could do this easily. Thanks for the tip. Would love to have you share this at What to Do Weekends also. Take care and keep crafting. Linda

  12. Love this idea.. stopping in from, I should be mopping the floor... where do you buy your bakers twine?

  13. Great idea. I always thought those m&m tubes were good for something. Thanks for sharing & linking up @ I hope to see you again soon!

  14. You are so creative and have the best ideas! I love this!! I have 2 in college and this is awesome. Gotta love that Washi tape, too! Thank you so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent! So thrilled to have you share. Have a wonderful weekend. :)


  15. What a fun project! Thank you for linking it up to A Crafty Soiree, I've featured yours in the newest one. Please come by to see your feature and share more of your creativity with us.


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