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Friday, October 19, 2012

Framed in Chicken Wire & Burlap

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While recently stumbling onto a yard sale, I picked up a beat-up, lonely picture frame [sans glass or artwork].  It was in bad shape.  I think it was going to be tossed into the nearby dumpster as it was sitting on the side of the yard and it was already the end of the day.  I offered to trade a crisp one dollar bill for the poor chap.  SOLD! 
I decided to take the frame out of its misery with a coat of the aqua "oops" paint I had previously used on my step stool.   One light coat made the decorative frame stand out, looking distressed, so I didn't even have to put sandpaper to it!

I've had an affinity for everything burlap lately, so I knew I wanted to incorporate a recently acquired coffee bean burlap sack.  It so happens the one I chose had a turquoise stripe down the center of the sack, complementing the frame's new hue.
I remembered that I also had some chicken wire hiding in my stash.  So...I decided to use both the chicken wire AND the burlap.  [Double the effort?  Yes, indeed!]

For this project, I took out the "big girl" tools. 
[Usually, my tool kit is a bottle of decoupage and a foam brush.]
After CAREFULLY snipping the wire to fit the frame, I stapled the wire to the back, hammering the staples flat. 

OK, that was easy [just kidding].

After a quick coffee break, I measured and cut the burlap to size, trying my best to position the turquoise stripe to land in the middle of the frame.

I folded painter's tape over the burlap edges, making it much easier to staple the burlap to the frame, and avoid frayed edges.
I could've stopped right there, but my "altered" state took over. 

From the leftover burlap, I cut five banners, stamped them with large alphabet letters [spelling "notes"], and then stitched them along the edges to minimize fraying.  Then I stitched the banners to a long piece of linen ribbon. 

Sewed on a few vintage Parisian buttons (which I actually bought in a Paris flea market!)
 then hot glued the rest of my embellishments:

A few handcrafted burlap flowers

Wooden buttons tied onto the chicken wire with twine.

A few vintage [circa 1950's] clothespins

And now the frame has a new life combining function and fun.

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Coffee Notes [Altered Chalkboard]

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You can never have too much of a good thing.  Like good friends.  Good coffee.  And a good place for notes.  Combine these three, and you get a Coffee Notes Chalkboard! 
While casually strolling the clearance bins at "T" last week, I spotted large chalkboards at 70% off the regular price of $2.50.  A quick calculation told me that is only 75 cents each!  At that price, I quickly pounced on picked up the seven that were left in the bin, and raced made my way to the checkout line.
Since I wasn't planning to use this as a scoreboard, I gathered crafting goodness from my stash with a coffee theme including chipboard letters, stickers, scrapbook paper, ribbon, ric rac, buttons and twine.

With Mod Podge [don't leave home without it], I adhered paper and ribbon to the top of the chalkboard and added two coffee stickers to the board as well.

Since this is, after all, a chalkboard, I needed a place to hold chalk.  This mint tin container was the perfect size.

I Mod Podged the tin container with paper, ribbon and ric rac. Typed out the word "chalk" using my handy label maker [which I've owned since the 3rd grade].  Using the chipboard, spelled out "notes" and, just for fun, placed the "s" onto the altered tin container.  Using adhesive squares, I adhered the container to the chalkboard.  And, of course, included a few pieces of chalk.
I tied twine around the chalkboard, finishing it into a bow, and added two buttons (a coffee pot and a cup) to complete the altered project.
coffee notes
So, where do "good friends" come into this project? 

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[Good] friends don't let friends drink decaf!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy National Coffee Day!

Rumor has it that yesterday was "National Coffee Day."  Since I was busy observing our religious new year, this post is a day late; however, when it comes to coffee, everyday is Coffee Day! This is definitely true in our house, and here is the sign adorning my craft room door to prove it:

So come on over for a visit and share your favorite coffee drink with me!   To celebrate this wonderful "holiday," here are a few photos and past posts on my favorite coffee-themed crafts.  I've included some links to get you right over to the post for more details. 
coffee crafts
Post-it note holder made from an acrylic photo frame

I decided my daily lattes were a bit of a luxury, so I created a Coffee Stash Cash Can. I place my extra change in it (and an occasional dollar bill), and use this "extra" money to fund my caffeine addiction. Plus, it was fun to create.
coffee crafts

This next photo shows one of my coffee-theme ensembles.  It includes a set of coasters, note-holder and pen desk set, a large note clip, and (my favorite) a clipboard with matching pad of paper.  I love how everything coordinates!  These make wonderful gifts, especially with a fresh hot cup of coffee or coffee shop gift card.
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Another favorite altered art project of mine includes transforming three mundane square canvasses into a canvas trio that I call "Three Cups of Coffee."  I used a lot of coffee ephemera on these, including old gift cards, coffee sleeves and even a vintage coffee spoon.  Click here to quickly get to the post to see the completed trio and tutorial.
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old spoons in collages

And in case you've "bean" busy and missed my last post about coffee and it is again.
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As you can plainly see, I am a fan of obsessed with everything coffee.  However, I hear that two to three cups of coffee a day --just like a glass of red wine --actually have good health benefits. 

That's my story, and I'm sticking sipping to it. 

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