Thursday, September 9, 2010

Linking to CSI Teacher Gift Challenge

Although school started a few weeks ago, we are now on a 1-1/2 week break due to teacher furloughs, thanks to our wonderful  (not) state budget deficit.  But don't get me going on this.....instead, we will embrace this late summer mini-vacation with bike rides at the beach, crafting, summer salads, crafting, sleeping in, crafting, and did I say crafting?

This post is a snapshot of a previous post from May 2010 -- when I host workshops for Moms and kids.  They come over and create their own personal teacher gifts.  Of course, these can be made as welcome-back-to-school gifts too!  So, here is a photo of my favorite teacher gift ensemble.  I know so many teachers who start their day with a cup of joe, so this ensemble is coffee-themed all the way! 
Coffee Theme Ensemble:
Coasters, Post-it note frame, large note/photo holder & Clipboard

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  1. Oh I love this idea! I'm hosting a "bring your own boo's" craft party. I never thought about inviting the kiddos! Maybe because of the "boo's/booze". You've got me thinking now. I hope the teachers enjoyed their awesome gifts! They certainly deserve something special.
    jules from bles-id


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