Friday, December 16, 2011

Chanukah Project #4: Not Your Blue & White Tray

Growing up in San Francisco, our winters didn't consist of "dashing through the snow" or making snow angels -- we tried, but there's not a lot one can make out of dense fog.  Unless, of course, you can blow smoke rings out of the chilly air.

One of our favorite things to do, however, was count the Christmas trees we passed while riding here and there.  The holiday trees were so colorful, especially the ones that sat on a turntable, rotating beautiful colors around the window panes.  

We celebrated the eight nights of Chanukah.  Instead of colorful lights, we decorated our home with just two colors: blue & white.  Blue & white hanging dreidels, blue & white tablecloths, blue and white lights around the living room name it, our decor was simple.  

Even gift wrap could only be found in shades of blue and white. Or maybe, silver, if you looked hard enough.

Chanukah decor has changed over the last few decades. Now Chanukah comes in every color imaginable. Gift wrap, menorahs, decorations, tableware, and spinning dreidels come in bright pinks, greens, yellows and more.
So I decided to alter a mundane wooden serving tray in the new "Chanukah colors."   I found bright fuchsia gift wrap in my Chanukah box.  It was perfect. 

I painted the tray with two coats of a dark pink/fuchsia color.  I cut a piece of gift wrap to fit snugly inside the tray and adhered it with "the Podge."  When dry to the touch, I covered it with another coat of MP.  This got me I made a tile coaster to match.  (When I have time, I will make another one to match.)
 My tray is ready for company. 

This tray would also make a great surface for playing spin the dreidel.  Which leads me to a question.  When we were kids, we played for a pot of hazelnuts.  When my children were younger, they played for pennies or chocolate gelt.  What do you play for in your home?


  1. We play for gelt! Only chocolate will do, hehehe

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