Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring is for the Birds!

Spring has sprung.  The flowers are a bloomin', the days are getting longer (YEA!), the outdoor cafes are busy with coffee klatches and tea totallers, and allergies have set in. You could say that spring is for the birds! So let's welcome our tweety friends with an altered birdhouse. 

Several years ago, I saw large wooden birdhouses on clearance and snapped up as many as I could hold.  I pulled one out of my stash with a paper pack, paint and a few embellishments, and went to work.

I had two shades of red that would complement the paper,
ultimately deciding on "Barn Red." [Duh]

Using a foam brush, I painted all the edges and the eaves of the birdhouse.

Next, came the tricky part:  making a template to fit the pointed front and back of the house.  I couldn't trace it because the eaves jut out.  So digging deep into the left side of my brain, I tapped into my algebra skills; and after a few tries, came up with the perfect template with just the correct angles. [Insert happy face.]

The sides and roof were easy to measure with a ruler, as they are all right angles--just measure twice and cut once. Actually, I cut twice, as there are two sides of each!   I also used Chestnut Roan liquid chalk to edge the paper.

On the template, I again carefully measured exactly where the circles should be to fit over the 1" hole and tiny perch.  Folding the paper in half lengthwise, I punched out both circles and then replicated that on the printed paper.

And now the fun begins:  Mod-podging the paper to the bird house.

To add some interest to the roof, I cut out a border from one paper, and adhered it to corrugated cardboard before podging it to both sides of the roof lines.  Then more podge all over the birdhouse.  If it sits outdoors, it is a good idea to use Outdoor Mod Podge.  

More fun:  The Embellishments! 
A wooden bird, a rhinestone crown, flowers, brads, an embossed sticker
with a 1" opening [fitting perfectly around the hole], and raffia.
I printed out a sign reading "Early Bird Special" and hung it on twine with two altered mini clothespins. [I hot glued the twine and brads in place.]
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Added more twine and a little wooden tag that reads "open."
Lastly, I glued the bird house to a distressed candle holder
(found for $2 at the thrift store).
And we are open for business!
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Later in the week, two friends came over to alter birdhouses, choosing their own fun paper and embellishments.  Here are their results:

Aren't they great?
Happy Spring!

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  1. From my friend, Linda:
    "Love it, love it. It was so much fun making a bird house with you. Can't wait for the next new altered art idea you have."

  2. Really cute-- love the papers you chose!

  3. Oh wow...I LOVE these! I love the shades of red and maroon you chose. Pinned!

    1. Awww, glad you like it Jackie! Thanks for visiting.

  4. Oh this is really wonderful! I love the colors. I like a lot of your stuff and am happily following you via GFC now. Thanks for sharing this great tutorial!

  5. Hi Doreen, I've had a great time reading and seeing the finished house. Too cute! Just think it's adorable. I often use a Rock City birdhouse to decorate my mantle or furniture on our screened porch. Aren't they fun. I'm your newest follower on Linky and am in the D's party with you. Hope you visit and follow me. Helen

  6. Your right, spring is for the birds. Your birdhouses are so pretty, and I love them. I love uses birdhouse to decorate inside and out. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday's Best.

  7. love love love it! I have a collection of birdhouses on top of my kitchen cabinets.
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    happy weekend!!

  8. Oh my goodness soooooo cute!! love it . hmmm when can you bring it by I have the perfect place for it xo

  9. How many kinds of fabulous is this? So so so cute!!! Thanks for sharing at this week's party!

  10. Wow Doreen! I absolutely love the way you embellished the wooden houses. Featuring your post on my FB page today!


  11. Your birdhouses look so cute Doreen! I love it on the candlestick. :) It's so springy , and sweet looking! thanks so much for sharing @ catch as catch can!

  12. So cute! Love all the detail that went into this!!

  13. I'm in love with your birdhouses! They are so stinkin' cute!! You did a fabulous job on them!

  14. Love the detail in your birdhouse. I want to display a decorative one outside my kitchen window. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  15. Very cute~ I have a few birdhouses I have yet to do anything with~ Thanks for linking up and the inspiration~

  16. fun birdhouses! I love how they've been altered.



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