Friday, February 5, 2010

I shutter to think of the possibilities!

A few years ago, we replaced the shoddy, water-damaged wood shutters in our den. 

I couldn't just toss out these worn out window coverings, so I stuck them up in the attic.  Recently, one of my crafty friends came over.  We tried to think of something unique to alter.  It was then that I remembered the old shutters I had stored away.  Well, one trip to the craft store to pick up some magnet sheets, hooks and sandpaper, and we were off and running! 

We each created a beautiful, useful and artistic note holder/message board.  After sanding, painting, stamping, nailing, and mod-podging, it was time for the embellishments:  a few Prima flowers, faux leaves, buttons, ribbons, antique cup hooks, and chipboard letters.  Voila!  Not only is it useful, it really jazzes up the side of our kitchen cabinet!  
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