Saturday, August 18, 2012

Crafting with a View of the Pacific Ocean Blue

Ahhhh--vacation!  We work so diligently immediately before and right after
a getaway, but it's all worth it for the change of scenery, relaxation and...
uninterrupted craft time! 

We spent one glorious week, with family friends, enjoying Laguna Beach. 
If you've been there, you know how beautiful the Pacific Ocean water 
shimmers under the bright hot sun. 
We hoped for some nice, cool ocean breezes,
given the relentless heatwave Southern California has been experiencing.
It was a "mild" 90', which was, at least, cooler than the 108' at home.

We enjoyed early morning walks at low tide,

beautiful views while sipping on a chocolate banana shake
overlooking Crystal Cove,
The Shake Shack
simmering sunsets

and crafting with friends!  
That's right. No vacation is complete without a trunk full of craft supplies.
Hey, if he gets to bring his boogie board, I get to bring my crafts.
One day, we moms got together on the large patio.
We altered shadowbox photo frames with, of course,  
a BEACH theme!


It was so much fun sharing my crafting obsession with the girls. 
Here's my finished shadowbox frame:
Scrapbook Ideas
Beach theme projects
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I love how the contrasting sepia photo with the brightly-colored photo frame
and the coordinating banner tucked underneath the glass.

Additionally, my husband encouraged me to take a collage class
with a well-known Laguna artist. 
She taught us technique, color and composition.
Here is my first-ever genuine collage:
Venice inspired artPin It
It was a fun week.  Of course, the days flew by.
We're already looking forward to next year's beach vacation.
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