Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Terra Cotta times Three

One of my very favorite crafty garden projects is the tiered terra cotta planter. 

I first saw this idea on Amy's creative blog, Positively Splendid, back in May 2010; and I finally got around to creating my own tiered planter and checking this off my "wanna-make" list! [Applause]

You'll have to excuse the lack of "before" photos or tutorial.  I was too excited about finally making the tiered planter to slow down and take photos of the mundane terra cotta pots or the creative process.  However, you can link to Amy's post to get all the how-to's.  In the meantime, just relax and enjoy the photos:

How did Coconut sneak into the pic?
That's better

Ultimately, it found its rightful place on the front porch. 
Here it is with the flowers grown up a bit.


Extra flowers found their way into an oversized garden cup
This fountain was not handmade, but it was a double mark down
 clearance buy that we attached to the opposite brick wall.

By Southern California standards, we're having a really cold winter. 
Which is why I especially like the bright colors I used.
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It's a sure sign that spring is on its way.

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pull Tab in case of [Chocolate] Emergency

You know the kind of S.O.S. I'm talking about:  those nagging children issues and feelings that only chocolate cures! 

While the bag of chocolates sits in the pantry, package already torn open, ever so slightly, it is just too easy to sneak one piece here, nab one there, a few later, a few sooner...until the next time, when you find the bag is completely void of any chocolate remains except for the slight aroma of cocoa. 

"Who ate the last piece of chocolate?" she screamed, echoing down the long carpet-less hallway.  "Not me!" replied Thing 1.  "Not I," yelled Thing 2.  The dog?  Thankfully, not.  That could only leave one suspect:  "Yes, I confess, Mommy stole the last of the wonderfully decadent chocolate kisses once again."  [Sigh] 

Where is the willpower?  Where is the lock and key? 

The answer:  Create an altered art project.
Thanks to Erin at Making Memories, this project fits the bill.

All you need is a [small] can with a pull tab, a [Pampered Chef] can opener
and an UNOPENED bag of chocolate.
[The blueberry muffin is optional.  It tasted good with the juice.]

The first thing to do
is turn the can upside down. 

Using a can opener that doesn't leave ragged edges, carefully open the
bottom end of can and set aside.

Drink the contents.

Gather fun scrapbook paper and embellishments with a chocolate theme. 
For this project, I also used a tag punch, twine, stamps and a sticker.

Measure the circumference and length of the can,
adding 1/2" to circumference, allowing for overlap.
Cut paper and adhere to can.  Add additional paper if desired. 
I like polka dots.

Punch tag shape from solid cardstock.  Stamp chocolate sentiment on tag. 
This one reads,
"CHOCOLATE:  It's not just for breakfast."

Tie onto pull tab.  I used twine cord.

Using computer, print out
"Directions:  In case of sudden chocolate craving, pull tab."
onto cardstock. Cut out and adhere to can.

Add additional embellishments.  I added a sticker and ric-rac. 
Seal paper with Mod Podge.

This is the difficult part: 
Open bag of chocolate kisses [or chocolate of choice], and fill can to top.
Do NOT [let anyone see you] eat any chocolate during this step.

Using hot glue gun, adhere bottom end back to can. 
That's it! 

Only you and I will know how you got the chocolate in there! 
This makes a great gift, don't you think?
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I might keep it on my own desk
for emergency chocolate cravings....just in case.

Score:  A 6-Pack!

Enjoying great ideas at:

Saturday, February 4, 2012

You had Me at Hello.

The title says it all.  For anyone who's never seen the film, "Jerry Maguire," it is the best Valentine's movie EVER. The phrase, "You had me at hello" is one of the more iconic phrases in my vocabulary, and it is the creative catalyst for this altered art project.  And best of all, I used materials from my stash! 
I started with these somewhat "cugly" striped coasters 
which I immediately painted with black acrylic paint.  Bye stripes!

While the coasters dried, I cut out three squares of beautiful vintage
scrapbook paper to fit the coasters, and rounded the paper at the corners.
Next, I adhered the paper to the coasters with matte Mod Podge. 
I usually use a glossy finish for my projects; however, this matte finish
lends itself nicely to a vintage, romantic feel.
One more coat of MP on the top.
I edged the coasters with a bit more black paint, giving it a distressed look.
Then I dug deep into the dark corners of my craft closet in search of love--
love-themed embellishments, that is. 
I hit it big when I found a set of large white chipboard hearts. 
The chipboard has great texture, so I decided instead of covering them,
to stamp a French script design using black ink.  Voila! 
I continued embellishing the coasters with love-ly charms, acrylic flowers, baker's twine, chipboard, washi tape, acrylic tag, and a rub-on.   Then I typed up the wonderful phrase, adhered it to red chipboard and finished all three coasters off with additional Podge.

Then I contemplated how to display these coasters.  For those who know me, you are probably thinking well, of course, she is going to use a lot of ribbon.  That's what I thought.  However, I decided to return to the dark depths of my craft closet to see what other crafty treasures await. 

Lo and behold, I found a distressed green wooden frame. It was one of my Home Goods clearance finds I bought a few years ago for $3.50.
Only problem:  the signage.  It reads:

That will never do.  Unless this project is a gift for my dog.
How nice that Coconut already taped up the sides of the frame, so all I had to do was paint the inside of the frame in a warm antique white hue.

Then I adhered the coasters to the inside edges of the frame.


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I kinda like it. 
And I know Tom C my husband will like it, too. 
Happy Valentine's Day!

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