Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cappuccino Cash Stash

Ahhh! The first sip of my afternoon latte tastes so good. It's just what I need to get me through the afternoon, a kick-start to the second half of my day.
Do you have a daily liquid indulgence? Maybe a mocha or Americano? Or a delicious, exotic green tea? Whether it's a non-fat, iced grande, extra foamy cappuccino, straight-up cup o' Joe, or your favorite tea, do you feel guilty splurging on this daily treat, when you think you shouldn't spend the money? Well, what if it's "play money"?

Which brings me to the question, "What do you do with your leftover change?" You know what I mean: those annoying pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters that bulk up your wallet or are tossed into the bottom of your purse, never to be seen again. Except for an occasional parking meter, what good is the heavy metal anyway? The creative solution: Your very own Coffee Cash Stash -- a place for your extra change, while turning it into your "play money.”

Gathering a smorgasbord of my favorite coffee-themed embellishments and paper, I re-purposed an empty can into a beautiful Coffee Cash Stash! First, I mod-podged the can with designer papers and ribbon. Then, I created a label using my Slice and an old coffee sleeve. I stamped the coffee sleeve with the sentiment, "Coffee Run!", edged it, and mod-podged the label into place on the front of the can. I then adhered brads, layered flowers and added stamped images of coffee beans. After making a slit on the lid of the can, I mod-podged the lid with matching paper. I then glued red hemp around the lid, slid the coffee-sleeve tag (which I made using a punch) on it and tied it into a ribbon. I finished the tag with buttons and a flower and finally tied two coffee bean buttons at the bottom of the ribbon ties.

The only thing missing now is the heavy metal. Now, where did I put my purse? Meet you at the coffee shop!
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