Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tin Can Alley


In order to stay grounded, it is important to reflect on where you come from.  In my case, creatively speaking anyway, one of the very first crafty things I did was altering used food cans with pretty paper.  As "scrapbook paper" wasn't around in the 60's, I used wrapping paper and wallpaper book samples.  

I carefully measured the can's perimeter and length, and then cut (with scissors, no paper cutters then either)the paper to the appropriate size.   To make it stick, stay stuck and protect it from tearing, I used Mod Podge.  I think I was MP's very first Facebook fan.  And because I've always been good at multi-tasking (a girl can dream, can't she?), this project probably also fulfilled one of my Girl Scout badges!  

So, here is today's take on one of my earliest altered artwork projects.  Sure wish I had a photo of the ones I made a mere few decades ago. 

Coordinating paper to mix & match

The cans covered with beautiful patterned paper

Bright acrylic paint to coordinate perfectly with the paper

Painted wooden clothespins

Altered painted clothespins with paper, ribbon and matching tags

Finished can embellished with flower, button, ribbon, and rhinestones.
And clipped clothespin with attached tag.  This one is for brushes.

And this one for my scraps of ribbon.

For my markers.

This tiny can was added to the mix to house my pink button collection.

My new colorful cans to help me stay organized.
Now to organize the rest of my life...       
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