Thursday, August 21, 2014

Industrial Chic Craft Storage

how to store my crafts

It's been a peculiar year.  Sometimes, life throws you curves.  I guess that's what makes us stronger.  As I'm turning 58 years young next week, I guess it's time to admit I'm a real grown up--whatever that means.  My Dad passed away early this year, and while we are all grateful he lived almost 91 years, it wasn't without its bumps along the way.  Yes, we are grateful, but that doesn't make me feel less sad.  

My Dad was the optimal optimist.  His thoughts were always positive, believing that tomorrow will be a better day.  With the crazy world we live in, it is important to think, hope and believe that tomorrow will, indeed, be better.  

To help with all the insanity, I'm glad for my arts & crafts--it's the best therapy ever.  Although I haven't posted anything new this year, I have spent many a day, wandering up and down the junk-treasure-packed aisles at the local flea market and at a few yard sales.  I hide my quirky and rusty finds in the corner of our backyard, hidden from view.
I'm in the process of replacing my plastic storage bins with industrial chic organization.  Remember my 33-drawer metal cabinet and my very cool-for-school locker transformations?  Recently, I purchased a wonderfully rusty, 18-drawer metal cabinet, and knew it would make a perfect storage unit for my rubber stamp collection.    

Here is a photo of it in its original glory:restore metal cabinets

First things first, comes the mundane: cleaning each one of those 18 drawers.  Ugh -- remind me again why I bought this.  It was hot outside, so hosing down those little monsters was actually keeping me cool.

I spray-primed the entire piece and each drawer, then hand-brushed the drawers with a pretty shade of green, leaving the label holders white.

Then it was time to re-organize my stamps and move the ones I want to keep into the metal drawers.  Here is a photo of the old and new storage side-by-side:
my stamp collection

And here is the [almost] finished cabinet.  [I still need to create the labels.]  This cabinet also has three large openings at the top which are perfect for housing card stock, stamp pads, and miscellaneous other very important items.

Once the labels are in place, I should easily be able to find specific stamps to create a personal, handmade card or gift.  Come on over and craft with me!
craft storage

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