Thursday, April 5, 2012

Passover Planter Placecards

This weekend brings many families and friends together.  My family celebrates Passover, where we retell the story of the Exodus with blessings, songs and specially-prepared foods.  When we were kids, my parents invited many friends and relatives to join us for the seder.  Because we had about 30 people, we moved our living room furniture into the dining room, and turned our living room into a large dining hall.  We also used place cards to assign everyone a seat.  That was always my responsibility...which I took very seriously. 

This year, I decided to rekindle my job and make place markers using small terra cotta pots.  You can see from this photo with the ruler, the biggest pot only measures 4" tall. 

I painted the three pots in different combinations of blue and white paint, and added pictures and text that I printed out on clear sticker paper.  After coating each pot with modge podge, I wrapped blue and white baker's twine around two of the pots. 

Use terra cotta planters for spring centerpiece

Herb Plants for PassoverPin It

I printed names on white cardstock, then mod podged the cards onto wooden plant markers painted blue. 

A green herb (such as parsley or cilantro) is used on the Passover table to symbolize spring.  So I decided to plant herbs in each pot.

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I'm going to use the largest pot as a centerpiece, so I made a label that reads "Kosher for Passover". 

I decided the smallest pot was just too tiny to hold a plant, so I used the medium sized pots for the place markers.  These festive pots and plant markers should add a nice touch to my parents' seder table. 

Whatever you celebrate this weekend, have a wonderful time with family and friends. 

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