Monday, February 24, 2014

Flea Market Stool Transformation

Spray painting Metal
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I love strolling through the aisles of flea markets.  
It's relaxing, fun, and all that walking IS exercise, you know.
You also meet friendly people.  
Just today, in fact, I met two women who are also Pinterest Mavens.  
Of course, we exchanged account info and now have new Pinterest friends.

Recently, at our local Topanga Vintage Flea Market
I fell head over heels with this adorable stool.  
It was actually in pretty good shape: 
a nice vinyl cushion and a naturally aged-distressed metal frame.
Did I say distressed?  I love distressed furniture, 
but in this case, I actually wanted to de-distress it.

After dismantling the seat, I recovered it with printed burlap.

I could've left it just like this and called it a day.  
However, I had other plans for this treasure.
Now which color to choose?  
I narrowed it down to these four: 
antique white, black, white and sunflower (a very soft yellow).  
Sunflower won.

A few coats of paint later, 20 minutes to dry, and seat cushion back in place, 
and I had a new (well oldish new) Parisian theme stool.

Now, where to place it?  
In the foyer?

Near the fireplace?  Yes, the perfect place for a cup of tea.
Flea Market Treasures
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Now that I'm back in the groove, 
what's my next transformation going to be?
Check back soon!

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