Friday, May 21, 2010

Whose Side are You on?

Growing up, I shared a tiny half-bathroom with two brothers.  We did have a full bathroom downstairs that was for everyone's use, especially when it was time for the daily shower or bath.  We made do with this 1-1/2 bathroom arrangement.  After all, we didn't have a choice!

So I think that our two daughters are fortunate to share one full bathroom with two sinks just between the two of them.  So why do I hear arguments about who left the wet towels on the floor, who used MY toothbrush (eww - gross!), and who used the last piece of toilet paper, leaving the empty roll?

OK, so I exaggerated about the shared toothbrush in order to segue into the creative aspects of the girls' bathroom.  To lay claim to which side of the bathroom is theirs, the girls each embellished a large initial using their favorite colors of acrylic paint, paper, ribbons, rub-ons and stamps.  Sealing the initials with Mod Podge, adding a retro turquoise clock and a pretty planter, the bathroom sets the scene for two teenage girls, who spend a great deal of time in there!

"What time is it?  Time for me to get in the bathroom!"
Elysa's side

Kaylee's side


  1. I LOVE that clock!!!! Very cool!! Love the cute bathroom touches!

  2. I love the letters! You should do a tutorial on them. They are so cute!


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