Monday, October 22, 2012

Spooky Socks Make for Easier Midterms

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There's finally hints of autumn here in Southern California.
A few dropped leaves. 
A few cloudy skies. 
Cooler weather (at least for a few days). 
And aisles of candy in the stores.
Of course, everyone knows that this means Halloween is near.   I think this is one of our favorite holidays--when we rush to the fabric store, only to find there aren't any more patterns left for sewing that "one-of-a-kind" fairy costume.  "Don't worry, we'll wing it (no pun intended)," she says to her pouty little girl.  And so it goes.  The last minute costume making. 
Oh how I miss those days!  [camera pans to woman crying, although we all know she's secretly jumping for joy.]  My girls are practically grown ups.  Daughter #1 is out on her own [and she can make her own costume now].  Daughter #2 is away in college.  So what's a crafty Mom to do? 
As I prowled strolled through Rite-Aid the other day, I spotted a sign that read "50% Off All Halloween Items".   Close by was an end aisle display of not-so-spooky colorful socks.  No, my feet weren't cold, but I instantly knew a few girls who might have cold toes. 
Without hesitation, I picked up four pairs of Halloween hosiery, as well as a few tubes of sweet treats, and set my crafty brain to work.
I wanted to get these into the mail the next day, to keep my daughter's (and her roommates') feet warm while they studied for their mid-terms.  It's cold on the east coast.  It's important to stay nice and cozy when you're staying up late at night, studying for exams.  I needed to package them quickly, but still with panache.
To the rescue:  cellophane bags, orange card stock and my printer. 
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Throw on a personalized tag, attach some treats, and off to the post office I went.

Here's hoping their warm feet and sugar rush will keep the girls' "spirits" up while studying late at night.  It's the least this Mom could do.

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