Monday, March 11, 2013

A Constant Friend

Most friends come and go, but true friends stay in your life forever.  Such is true with one of my closest friends.
We've known each other our entire lives.  We were pretty much inseparable, and lived just two blocks away from each other.  It was so much fun to meet at the local playground, stop for ice cream, and play in each other's rooms for hours on end.  We had tea parties and played dress-up.  We even attended Tiny Tots together. 
When we were both just 5 years old, my family moved f-a-r away.  Well, at the time it felt like we moved to the other side of the world.  In reality, it was just on the other side of the city park.  Nevertheless, what was a 10-minute walk was now a 30-minute drive. 
However, as I said, true friends stay in your life forever.  We continued to get together as often as we could.  I fondly remember sleepovers, play dates, sharing holidays together, and, of course, being that special friend who got to sit next to the birthday girl each year.   Our lives took different paths, but we still remain close friends today.  For most of our adult lives, we've lived 400 miles away from each other.  Still, we are constant friends. 
I recently found the perfect little gift to send for her birthday, a spiral notebook with the quote,
"A constant friend is a thing rare and hard to find." 
It immediately reminded me of her. I decided to embellish it a bit and make a coordinating birthday card.
I tied ribbon to the spirals, using different colors, textures and widths. 
I added a binder clip as well.
I took the color scheme from the notebook,
using mustard yellow, blue gingham checks,
floral paper, ribbon and the beautiful quote.
On the inside of the card, I stamped, "Celebrate You." 
I embossed the text and added a few rhinestones. 
While I had my stamps out,
I decided to add a few "hidden" notes
on the inside pages of the notebook:

 "Friendship is a Work of Heart"

And off in the mail it went. 
Happy Birthday, Dear Friend!
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  1. Beautiful as always. I've been friends w/ one of my besties since 7th grade. We've been through EVERYTHING together. Those lifelong friendships are a treasure aren't they?

    1. Thanks, Carol. I want to get back into more card-making. It's so nice to receive handmade cards, but it's also fun to send them.

  2. Absolutely fabulous. Hope you don't mind if I borrow a few of your ideas for my bestie. :)

  3. I love my BFF and she would love a gift and card like this! I love that so much thought went into make it special+! Thanks for sharing at the Rock N Share.

  4. I'm your newest follower. I can't wait to see what else you make! I hope you'll stop in at Cranberry Morning sometime.

  5. I love this!! It is pretty special when you have that one friend who is and will always be there :)

    Thanks for sharing for WW!

  6. I love Ms Mary stuff still. :D Such a fun project. Thanks for sharing.

  7. sweet! Thank you for sharing your lovely blog at the THursday Favorite Things blog hop xo


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