Monday, October 19, 2015

DIY Candy Corn Treats

What do you get when you mix m&ms with candy corn?  
Well, if you add them to a painted terra cotta pot, 
you get a special Halloween treat!
crafts and gifts for halloween
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Now I'm not one for much Halloween hoopla.  
However, I am a sucker for embellished terra cotta pots.
So when I read Kim's creative idea at Maiden D'Shade,
I decided to borrow her idea of candy corn painted terra cotta pots. 

Plus, I couldn't help myself while trolling past the candy aisle
without picking up some of these:
Like Kim, I painted the lower part of the pots white, 
 orange in the middle, and finally yellow on the rim.
Be sure to allow each color to dry before adding the next.

I sprinkled bright yellow glitter to the top rim of my painted pots, 
adding shimmer to this Halloween terra cotta treat.
After shaking the glitter onto the just painted yellow rims, 
and letting it dry,
I decided to give it a good spritz of top coat acrylic sealer 
to help those little shimmies stay in place.  
Candy Corn DIY
Then I gobbled up poured about 1/2 cup of each candy
 into a cute clear bag,
tying the bag with orange and black ribbons. 
I added a tag, which I had quickly embellished with Halloween paper.
candy corn colors
These would make great DIY projects for a Halloween party.
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And, as they say in the 'hood:

Check out this Halloween gift idea:

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