Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A New Look and a New Project

We just love when Elysa is home for spring break -- it's so nice to spend time together, and catch up on her busy college life.   That is, when she's not sleeping til noon!  Anyway, our little Scottish Terrier, Coconut, decided to sleep in Elysa's room all week.  He knows a good thing when he sees one!  Is Kaylee jealous? Yeah, just a little... 

And speaking of spring, here in Los Angeles, we only have two seasons: fall and summer. While most of you in the country are enjoying springtime, we are feeling the warmth of summer -- well, it seems like it with 80' weather and a sunburn from a two-mile power walk on the beach!   Well, with the new season, I thought it was time for a new look -- not for me, for my blog (although I could use one, too!).  I took advantage of Elysa's PhotoShop knowledge, and she helped me create a new blog header! And with a new look, comes a new project:   Here are photos of the altered canvas I made for my Mom.

Gifts for MomPin It
 8" x 8" and 8" x 4" canvasses tied together with ribbon;
each canvas painted and then decoupaged with designer papers;
Photos added.

Yes, that's really me, minutes after I was born.
Note the year:  1956
(Ahhhhh!  Am I THAT old?)

Unconditional Love
Scrabble tiles spell out "DAUGHTERS"
Chipboard used to spell "LOVE" 

Mother's Day Gift Ideas
Further embellishments:  chipboard scroll, button and
silver heart charm tied to "E"

Then added ribbon, brads and flower

Finally, current year of bottom photo:  2010

I had so much fun creating this wall hanging canvas for my Mom. 
With Mother's Day coming up, I think my Mom will be quite pleased with her new artwork.
[Editor's Note:  It is now 2013, and my Mom requested an updated photo of my daughters & me.
Well, mostly a new pic of my daughters...]
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  1. I want to shout out a big WELCOME to my new followers! Welcome to my little craft room. Feel free to post your comments and share your own creative ideas.

  2. What a lovely project, so pretty. And don't worry you're not as old as me ;) - where have the years gone????

  3. That project is fab! I love it. You rock Doreen. xo

  4. ah, what a sweet gift for my Aunt!!

  5. *achem* I only slept that late on the first day I got back :P thaaanks mom. heart! (oh, and love this project of course!)


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